About Us
With a 30-year history, Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association (HKJMA) has been proactively striving to foster the development of the jewelry industry and Hong Kong's economy.
The impetus behind the establishment of J-HUB was our determination to preserve the jewelry manufacturing industry's heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and inspire unique design ideas. J-HUB also emphasizes on the fusion of new ideas and advanced craftsmanship techniques to promote the renaissance of jewellery manufacturing, and to explore new models and opportunities for the future development of the industry, so as to further enhance and promote Hong Kong's reputation as an international jewelry centre.

Located in Unit J, 3/F, Kaiser Estate Phase 2, J-HUB is officially opened in September 2020 with an area of 8,000 sq. ft. J-HUB will feature four major elements:
J-HUB aspires to become a cradle for the next generation of the jewelry manufacturing industry and to lead the industry into the future. In line with this goal, J-HUB will provide state-of-the-art facilities and a range of services to help nurture newcomers and support start-ups.
J-HUB will launch the service of 'Jewelry Testing & Certification’ that is adhering to jewelry industry standards, providing a professional, reliable jewelry testing service at affordable prices, which can help the local brands to enhance their reputation.
To build the reputation of Hong Kong jewelry as a recognisable brand worldwide, turning on the brilliance of Hong Kong design, has been HKJMA's enduring vision. As we look to the future, we are committed to nurturing a new generation of talent and passing on the inheritance of exquisite craftsmanship that the local jewelry manufacturing industry has bequeathed us.

The history of the Hong Kong jewelry industry goes back to as the 1950s. Despite experiencing a plethora of difficulties and challenges, and myriad highs and lows, it is now the sixth largest export destination in the world. HKJMA firmly believes that if the jewelry design and manufacturing industry in Hong Kong has to continue to move forward, it must strive to maintain high-value and high-quality products, demonstrate the excellence of traditional craftsmanship and couple creative flair with cutting-edge technology. Through these efforts, we can ensure a future in which the “Hong Kong Jewelry” brand shines on the international stage.

The Hong Kong jewelry manufacturing industry has come a long way from its humble origins. Having solidified our reputation globally, we are now looking ahead, seeking to take the industry to the next stage of its development and promote best practices for design and manufacturing.

An important aspect of this new phase in the industry's development will be cultivating local talent and passing the baton of traditional craftsmanship on to the next generation. The establishment of J-HUB is intended to further this goal.

In setting up J-HUB, our overall approach has been open-minded. We hope to consolidate the strength and wisdom of our industry, so that the project can meet the needs of the industry. We aspire to bring experts in design, scientific research, inlaying, testing and certification together to work under one roof at J-HUB, thus preserving the technology of the jewelry industry as well as taking excellence in each sphere to the next level.

J-HUB has been in trial operation since November 2020 and officially opened in August 2021. We will step up our efforts to promote J-HUB services, covering four aspects, namely ‘Hong Kong Design', 'Industry Education', 'Excellent Craftsmanship' and 'Jewelry Testing & Certification’, providing state-of-the-art facilities and a range of services to help nurture newcomers and support start-ups. J-HUB will launch the service of 'Jewelry Testing & Certification’ that is adhering to jewelry industry standards, providing a professional, reliable jewelry testing service at affordable prices, which can help the local brands to enhance their reputation and boost the confidence of consumers. In addition, we will actively bring together the knowledge and expertise gained through its business with the strengths of various stakeholders to take forward the sustainable development of the local jewelry industry, as well as attract new generations to join us, to inherit the past, and usher in the future.

I wish J-HUB will usher in a new era of jewelry design and manufacturing in Hong Kong that we can all be proud of. Let us join hands and act together to rebuild a brilliant and colorful future of our jewelry industry.
Mr. Benny Do
Chairman, Management Committee of J-HUB
Full Chairman's Statement
Mission and Vision
To serve as a hub for the Sustainable Development of the Hong Kong jewelry industry
To preserve the heritage of craftsmanship of the Hong Kong jewelry manufacturing industry and maintain Hong Kong's Innovative spirit & Competitiveness
To explore new models and opportunities for the Future Development of the jewelry industry
Starting Point
The jewelry manufacturing industry has been growing with Hong Kong. Since the 1950s, small jewelry workshops have grown into large-scale factories. Later, the production process moved to the mainland. In recent years, however, we have witnessed a trend of manufacturing moving back to Hong Kong.

Market research has shown that Hong Kong's jewelry industry is dominated by the precious jewelry sector. Jewelry production in Hong Kong encompasses a wide range of medium-to high-end products. Hong Kong manufacturers excel at producing fashionable jewelry, not only using diamonds but also semi-precious gemstones, while leading the production of pure gold items. Moreover, Hong Kong has evolved into a leading trade and distribution centre for pearls in recent years.

Hong Kong's exports of precious jewelry rose 4% in 2017, and grew by another 18% in the first half of 2018.

The jewelry industry thus offers a wealth of business opportunities. Hong Kong jewelry is also known for its outstanding design and superb craftsmanship. However, the industry is grappling with a lack of local manpower and needs an infusion of fresh talent. In addition, there is room for improvement in vocational training.

In view of this, while HKJMA has been assisting Hong Kong jewelry manufacturers in exploring the overseas market, we believe it is also our responsibility to create a platform, J-HUB, for the Hong Kong jewelry industry as a whole, not only to encourage young people to join the industry and thus actively cultivate local professional jewelry design and production talent, but also to enable more practitioners to build their brands, discover new avenues in the future and shine in the international arena.
Overall Concept
The name, J-HUB, signals that the platform is the birthplace of jewelry and the origin of craftsmanship. It is where various streams of the trade can coalesce to carry on and energise the rich traditions of Hong Kong jewelry making.
J-HUB's logo is a colourful bird's nest with a diamond at its centre. It signifies that J-HUB aims to link wisdom, manufacturing, design and certification and to play the role of an incubation platform for the cultivation of a new generation of jewelry talent.
Four Elements
The early stage of development of J-HUB consists of four elements:
To encourage independent jewelry designers to display their artwork with exclusive concepts under their own brands and to communicate with other craftsmen.
To promote local designs and explore business opportunities of Hong Kong brand in the international jewelry market.
To be a hub adhering to Hong Kong's tradition of excellent craftsmanship while developing and introducing new technologies to strive for excellence of local jewlery.
To collaborate jewellers with excellent craftsmanship and equipments suppliers with advanced production techniques to participate in the start-up of J-HUB.
To offer guidance or mutual sharing of jewelry-making techniques, and to focus on high-end handicraft production and innovation of technology, adding value to the development of Hong Kong's jewelry industry.
To establish a platform for nurturing promising talent into a professional jeweller through a holistic vocational training.
To provide short courses or workshops for amateurs to learn knowledge relating to jewelry design, craft, inspection, etc, expanding the circle of jewelry lovers.
To set up our own jewelry testing centre to provide efficient yet affordable testing and certification services.
To provide accredited third-party certification to promote confidence in the Hong Kong jewelry brand.
To raise awareness among the general public about the authenticity of jewelry and the importance of testing and certification.
The Current Partners of J-HUB
Craftsmanship Partner - Kuen Hing Jewellery
To promote the development of the jewelry industry, we are honoured to have Kuen Hing Jewellery to join the project. It provides members with one-stop jewelry repair services at a discount, including inlay, grinding, mould holding, welding and other jewelry processing services.
Training Partner - Pro-Act by VTC
Pro-Act by VTC provides tailored practical training and development solutions for different industries, with a view to enriching learners’ professional skills while meeting the changing manpower needs of industries.
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